One Leaf Soap Annual Sales

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Why One Leaf Soap?

Cold Process

Our Soaps are made in room temperature. So, the nutrition and properties in the oil are kept.

Vegan/Cruelty Free

We don’t use animal fats, milk or beeswax in our soaps.

Soy Bean Milk Base

Soy bean milk is famous for its essential fatty acids, proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals.


One Leaf Soap uses natural oils and at least 80% or more are certified organic oils.


Our soaps does not contain detergent and phosphates, instead, they are biodegradable and environmental friendly.

Artisan Soaps

The most appealing factor about One Leaf Soaps is that they are simply pieces of art.

Shaped Soaps

We travel around the world to find the most beautiful molds


Specialty Soaps