How did it all start?

pure handmade soapThe idea of producing handmade soap came to me when I found handmade soap reduced my long standing eczema problem. I had very sensitive skin and for many years believed I was allergic to soap. I started only using body wash in the shower but if I forgot it while traveling and had to use the hotel’s soap the next day my hands would itch like crazy. The symptoms lasted for few days until the affected area became hard and began peeling. It was a nightmare.

Then one day handmade soap came to my rescue. I was shopping in a boutique store and a nicely wrapped handcrafted soap caught my eye and nose. The soothing smell made me forgot about my eczema problem. I decided to run the risk and try it. The first time I used it I was surprised by the way it lathered and was amazed at how creamy it felt. More than that, I was awestruck that my eczema did not appear. After reading the ingredients carefully, comparing them to ingredients of commercial soap, and a lot of research, I realized I was allergic to soap. I was allergic to the chemicals used in commercial soaps.dove body wash

After learning how to make soap, I started producing handmade soap in my kitchen. One small batch at one time, I made my soaps entirely from scratch with the highest quality vegetable and plant oils and top of the line essential and fragrance oils. The colors and additives are from either mica or herbs. Experiencing the benefit of handmade soaps, I decided to turn the hobby into a business and let more people experience the benefits of handmade soaps. That’s how One Leaf Soap started.

I hope you enjoy my products and find they not only benefit your skin, but are also a wonderful gift to share with family and friends. You may place a special order with customized wording for that special someone. We have different soap giftoptions that you can choose from. Periodically we offer returning customers gifts and discounts. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to write to me.