Handmade Soap for Christmas stocking stuffer fun!

📅 December 18, 2018

One Leaf Soap is a California-based company that produces handmade soaps as beautiful as they are healthy and this year’s holiday gift guide is filled with cheer! Each soap is handcrafted with certified organic oils, and with the holiday season upon us, the choices for your Christmas gift list are merry and bright!

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One Leaf Luxury Soaps Holiday Gift Guide

📅 November 21, 2017

With the holidays fast approaching, finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can sometimes be a challenge. Here at One Leaf soaps, we have a wide collection of handmade, natural soaps that are perfect for any occasion. From artisan soaps to party favors, there is something for everyone. (And if you order by the end of November, you can use the offer code holiday2017 at checkout for 30% off!) (read more…)

Eco-Friendly Benefits Of Handmade Soap

📅 October 5, 2017

When it comes to caring for the environment, your personal care products play an important role. The commercial soaps, makeup, and other products we use every day may actually fill the environment with harmful chemicals and harm our bodies as well. This is all the more reason to reach for your homemade rose shaped soap rather than the artificial rose scented soap. The following are just some of the ways that artisan handmade soap can be beneficial to the environment.

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Soap And Aromatherapy: How Scent Can Heal

📅 September 12, 2017

Smell is a powerful sense. It be nostalgic, soothing, irritating, and energizing, evoking emotion and changing our mood. The potential to use different smells is one of the best aspects of handmade artisan soap. Expert soap makers can craft scents specifically to affect our bodies and minds. After all, there is a reason why using your lavender chamomile soap makes you just the right amount of sleepy. The following are some of the most effective scents that soap makers use.
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Why Buy Handmade Soap? 5 Natural Benefits

📅 August 28, 2017

When it comes to taking care of your skin’s health, you deserve only the best ingredients. But with so many commercial soaps crowding the market, it can be difficult to sift through the options. You know that quality is key, so it pays to find the right one. This is why handmade artisan soap is the pampering product that you have been waiting for. The following are just some of benefits of beautiful handmade soap.

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Commercial vs. Handmade Soap: What Is The Difference?

📅 July 13, 2017

When it comes to maintaining our health and wellness, soap is an essential part of our care routine. With such constant demand, global soap suppliers produce an estimated 10 billion pounds every year. Unfortunately, not every supplier takes quality into consideration. This is why it is important to make the distinction between commercial soap and organic handmade soap. Use this guide to understand the main differences between these two soap options.
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