We travel around the world to find the most beautiful molds.

Replace your typical and boring bars of soap with some of our creative and stunning handmade shaped soap. One Leaf Soap has many amazing choices to select from. Discover everything from cute, honey soap in the shape of a honey comb to rose shaped soap and much more! Not only will you have a carefully designed handmade work of art, your soap bar will also smell wonderful and feel gentle on the skin. Our soaps are made out of organic ingredients to help prevent sensitive skin from getting damaged. Browse our wide inventory of shaped soaps below.

  • Calendula Honey Soap

    Calendula Honey Soap ($10) per item

  • Rose Emboss Organic Handmade Soap

    Desert Rose Soap ($8) per item

  • donut handmade soap

    Donut Soap ($5) per item

  • Dragon Organic Handmade Soap

    Dragon Handmade Soap ($8) per item

  • Garden Fairy B Soap ($6) per item

  • Garden Fairy C Soap ($6) per item

  • Garden Fairy E Soap ($6) per item

  • Garden Fairy F Soap ($6) per item

  • Garden Fairy G Soap ($6) per item

  • Garden Fairy H Soap ($6) per item

  • lets pray for each other

    Let’s pray for each other ($9) per item

  • Reindeer Soap ($8) per item

  • Rose Heart Soap ($8) per item

  • Rose Shaped Organic Handmade Soap

    Rose Scented Soap ($8) per item

  • Rose Scented Soap Cake ($10) per item

  • Heart Shaped Organic Artisan Soap

    Sweet Heart Soap ($8) per item